Recruiting Info

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RECRUITING INFO: It is important to stay on top of current NCAA and NAIA rules and regulations throughout the recruiting process. Athlete YOUniversity makes sure our athletes are aware of the constant changes in the NCAA and NAIA standards. Check out the current NCAA and NAIA Student Athlete Handbook for prospects:


  • There are over 8 million high school athletes each year and only 2% go on to compete in college.
  • 75% of high school athletes that make all conference are not recruited by college coaches.
  • Less than 20% of college athletes compete at the D1 level – the majority of college athletes are composed of DII-DIII-NAIA-JUCO schools.
  • The NCAA has increased the minimum core GPA requirements to a 2.3 for incoming student-athletes in order to be eligible to compete at the college level.
  • College coaches attend showcases, camps and combines not to find new talent but to evaluate the athletes that are already on their ‘short list’ or IRL.
  • Many coaches have less than $1,000 in their recruiting budgets to recruit athletes each year.