ASAP Enrollment

Athlete YOUniversity ASAP Enrollment includes:

  •    Meeting with our professional collegiate planners
  •    Create a realistic game-plan for each Student Athlete’s academic future
  • Comprehensive personalized student-athlete profile
  • Distribution of profile to hundreds of college coaches
  • Copy of the current NCAA Guide for College Bound Student-Athletes
  • Certified Recruiting Coordinators to assist athlete and family with the complex recruiting process
  • Preparation for the recruiting process including how to interview with college coaches and prepare for college visits.

Athlete YOUniversity not only helps you navigate through the recruiting process but also builds relationships with college coaches to help connect YOU with scholarship opportunities.

To ensure that our athletes receive the most comprehensive services available we have partnered with Collegiate Concierge & Coaching, LLC.  Dr. Malinda Daniel and Serena Johnson, LCSW work with each of our athletes to create customized academic plans to help our students achieve acceptance into their college of choice.  Being a great teammate on the field is not enough and we want our athletes to be stellar students as well. 

Each Athlete YOUniversity athlete will receive a customized college analysis.  This analysis serves to quantitatively and qualitatively rank each athlete in comparison to others accepted at the athlete’s top pick colleges/universities. The ladies at Collegiate Concierge & Coaching will work with you and help families strategically pick high school classes, discuss the importance of ACT and/or SAT scores, and help explore college and university options, application dates, create to-do timelines, and help make sure that when the time comes that the team and the academics as the college/university of choice are a perfect fit.

Recruiting assistance for the serious student-athlete.